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What is 9z? 9z is pronounced nines. Or just nine zee if that’s too weird for ya’. Or I guess nine zed if you’re from Canada. Mostly I have 9z because it is a really short domain name that’s easy to remember (last number, last letter, and only to characters… dot com). 9z is several things. Primarily this is the resource site for Chris Davis (me) a Microsoft Consultant. It serves the following purposes:

  • A mirror to my TechNet Blog which you can find here (The 9z)
  • A launch pad to my primary Blog (you’re already here, you don’t need a link)
  • My Azure resource page.
  • A link to files I share with people in my workshops or other business related discussions
  • My primary launch page to my YouTube channel (BigDaddy9z) which is a technical resource page for people who don’t like reading my boring Blog posts 🙂
  • A link to all my social media pages: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

So who am I? I am a Microsoft employee (since 2010) and I work in the Consulting Services division. I also worked in the Premier Field Engineering for several years doing AD Risk Assessments and health checks, teaching workshops, and working break/fix engagements on the Windows Server Platform. I have done engagements in nearly all 50 states, Ireland, Canada, and France. Why? Not because I am some sort of genius or anything, I’m just incredibly unlucky with technology (and yes, I still chose IT as a profession) and I attract the Murphy’s law in anything with a circuit board in it. As such, I’ve gotten really good at fixing stuff. I’ve also worked for companies like Dell, NBC Bank, and as an independent consultant in the SMB vertical. These days I’m a dedicated (meaning, I don’t take a plane to work anymore) resource in the public sector space. For fun my family and I (who also use this site for various tasks) play video games, publish YouTube videos, and hang out at the lake. So what are you saying? Mostly that 99% of this site isn’t useful to anyone that isn’t looking for a Blog post to fix a particular issue or to design a solution of some sort. The other 1% are people who know me, have been in one of my workshops, are part of my family, or just like reading random stuff about people they don’t know. 🙂

Alphabet Soup? Yeah, got a little bit of that:
I also went through MCM training for AD before they closed the program.

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