Performance Series: Why Is My DC Slow?

I’m starting a new grouping of videos called the “Performance Series” which will be a break-out of the “Let’s Tech” videos. I’m releasing the first two videos in this series today, and I’m really excited about them. Hope you enjoy!

In this two part Performance Series on slow Domain Controllers I cover how to identify causes of slow DC's, how to spot and fix bad LDAP queries and searches against the directory, run diagnostics on Active Directory, what tools to use and when. Then I cover how to fix various problems by optimizing queries, indexing attributes, and when different solutions are more appropriate.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Let’s Tech: Import Lots of Users into AD For Testing

V-Log Post Available Here:

Welcome to another Let's Tech… I don't particularly like having user1, user2, user3, user4 as a bed of test users. So in this episode I'll show you a more interesting way to populate your pre-prod environment. This I am doing ahead of another Let's Tech episode that I am working on about AD Performance, LDAP query troubleshooting, and how to brow beat lazy programmers. Enjoy!