Performance Series | EP5, Tracking RAM and Page File Exhaustion: How IT Pros (SHOULD) Troubleshoot Slow PC’s and Servers

Episode 5, Tracking RAM and Page File Exhaustion. Performance Series.

In episode 5 we start the discussion of memory leaks. This is a topic that will span several issues. Memory can mean the virtual address space of a process or the kernel itself, or it could mean you ran out or RAM. Or, you ran out of RAM and Page File. How do you tell which one? How do you figure out which process stole all your precious memory. Specifically in this episode we’ll be talking about what it looks like when you run out of both RAM and Page File (the most common type of process memory leak). We also cover the difference between committed bytes of a process verses private bytes. Finally, we cover concepts like the Virtual Memory Manager of Windows. Trimming of the working set. What the page file really is, etc. The next episode will continue with a discussion more related to the working set.

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